Richard Colwell’s Live Stream

Thanks everyone for tuning in again. It’s hard playing to an empty room when you just looking at yourself! I still enjoyed it and great to try out some new songs, which I had never played before in public. 

 Don’t forget to go to my Facebook page as I put up some silly stuff, just to give people a laugh! Stay safe. Cheers Rich


Well You missed it! My first live stream on Facebook! It was really good fun, I wasn’t even sure if anyone could hear me! I did a few songs eveyone can sing along with and although I have played across the world, I haven’t done so all at the same time. Thanks to everyone for tuning in and for your kind messages. Thank I will be doing some more streams soon. Don’t forget to visit my Facebook page. I put up some funny stuff!

Stay safe at this dodgy time and keep well and be nice to each other and those around you.