I Am Richard Colwell

One Man, One Mike, One Keyboard.

Corporate Entertainment

What could be better, after a hard day of presentations and workshops.

Family Party

Entertainment that can work for all age groups. Played at a volume that granny will love!

Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You

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Keep On Running

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A Richard Colwell performance taps the widest musical spectrum whilst his warmth, humor and easy nature make him the ideal Master of Ceremonies/Compere for any project.
Whatever your special event or occasion calls for … 50’s 60’s or 70’s music plus standards from more recent years … Richard provides a rounded performance that encompasses the abilities of a number of individuals or even a whole band. First of all you’ll be amazed … and then you (and the rest of the audience) will find yourself singing along to the full rendition of the complete Richard Colwell “sound”.

The backing is prerecorded and I play over the top of the tracks although I have to say, it even amazes me as to how different each gig turns out. Plus the fact I don’t play exactly the same every show. There is also the little bit of humor I put in. I don’t really tell jokes, but my wife says I’m just funny, whatever that means! It depends on the type of audience and the occasion. I want people to relax, like they are listening to an evenings entertainment with your chums, but one of them  also happens to be the entertainer.

Stuck In The Middle With You

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      Stuck In The Middle With You


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Don't Ask!

Now, I’m not saying that I am averse to a few flowers as my Dad was a trained horticulturalist, but my wife has a great knack of taking brilliant photos. However, they are not always that, rock”N” roll!

You will find a few samples of the songs that I sing throughout the web site, it’s just to give you an idea of the type of material I can play. I know around 150 songs from down the years . I play at many multi generational events so I like to have a good selection under my belt.

The recordings are more or less the same sound as you would here on the night. No added instruments or backing musicians.


“Rich is a great musician, but you do get a little bit more. He has a great sence of the ridiculous and he is  just funny. We always look forward to his shows”

“There was never a dull moment… People still talk about our New Years Eve Party and what a brilliant night it was. We look forward to seeing Richard at our next big event”

Baggy Trousers

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Give Me Just A Little More Time

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